Étiquette : théories du complot

Conspiracy speakers’ criticality: too little or too much? A Rhetorical Reflexion on Conspiracy Theories

If the well-studied phenomenon of conspiracy theories still catches our attention, it is among other reasons because it crystallizes many aspects of our society. For example, our relationship with the media, the notion of transparency, the phenomenon of fake news, but also our ability to live together and make society. In this post, we will focus on the relationship that conspiracy speakers build within their discourses with the notion of “truth” as a value. Our hypothesis is that conspiracy speakers are too confident about this notion; instead of being critical and doubtful about events – as they seem to appear at first – they are instead too sure of being right. In this perspective we will argue that within conspiracy discourses, truth as a value is paradoxically based mostly on the character of the speaker and not on the reasoning they expose.

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Je suis le spectateur de Hold-up

C’est un exercice périlleux que de chercher à dire encore « quelque chose d’intelligent » sur Hold-up, après la somme de « discours critiques » produits depuis la sortie de ce film. Si mon propos assumera la fonction d’une « déconstruction », il s’agira moins d’une déconstruction de la mécanique du film à partir d’une position extérieure immunisée, que d’une déconstruction de cette position extérieure immunisée, au profit d’une autre posture de commentaire.

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