Étiquette : controverse

Transparency and Controversy in Sports

To understand how contemporary popular culture’s epistemology gets shaped by a dynamic and complex articulation of controversies, truth claims, and media critique, the practices of media sport offer rich historical examples. This paper thus aims to analyze the epistemological and political dynamics of sport’s contested visibility. The main claim is that media sport’s entanglement of controversy and transparency combines trust in and suspicion of media technologies.

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How can we still argue about the climate? Double irony and opacification of positions in a Pascal Praud’s topic launch

In this post, I want to highlight a particular use of irony as a polemical resource for constructing a sceptical position towards climate change. The issue of climate change seems to be relatively consensual in public opinion nowadays. How then can we still make it an object of controversy, without being trapped in a “climate sceptic” position, which is now largely disqualified? This is the rhetorical stake that I will study in the following lines, based on a specific case: Pascal Praud’s launch of a topic on global warming in the television programme L’Heure des Pros (C NEWS) on 16 May 2019.

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Je suis le spectateur de Hold-up

C’est un exercice périlleux que de chercher à dire encore « quelque chose d’intelligent » sur Hold-up, après la somme de « discours critiques » produits depuis la sortie de ce film. Si mon propos assumera la fonction d’une « déconstruction », il s’agira moins d’une déconstruction de la mécanique du film à partir d’une position extérieure immunisée, que d’une déconstruction de cette position extérieure immunisée, au profit d’une autre posture de commentaire.

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