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Speculation as a means of critical distancing from the media

Une conférence de Géraldine Wuyckens (UC Louvain)

7 décembre 2022

The Promise of Transparency

The principle of transparency (1) has become an imperative in the communication of organizations — whether they are commercial or otherwise (Catellani et al. 2015). Media organizations are no exception and that’s why, as we have seen, fake news treatment appears so often as an exposure or an enlightenment. And this could be observed in the media The Conversation (2) that brings together journalists and scientific experts to guaranteereliable information — in accordance with the slogan “Academic rigour, journalistic flair”. However, this claim for transparency must be considered critically — not to deny the real value of a wide spread of the academic expertise but to discuss its issues.

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A short history of online platform transparency

This post explores the genealogy of the discourse and practices of transparency of digital platforms, specifically social network services, during the 2010-2021 period. Discourses and practices of transparency include quantified reports (transparency reports, advertising libraries) and the accompanying textual production published by the GAFAM (Google, Facebook/Meta, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft).

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