Claiming Transparency: Scenographies of Critique on Social Media and Video Games Platforms

Une conférence-débat de Jan Teurlings (U. Amsterdam) et P.-Y. Hurel (ULiège), dans le cadre du cycle « Que veut (et que peut) encore l’éducation aux médias ? »

9 février 2022

The Blind Spot: Some Introductory Notes on Betting

Betting can be considered as an opposite (and maybe complementary) paradigm to the one of transparency. As a cultural form and media mythology about uncertainty, betting offers the ground for a willing suspension of transparency. The betting paradigm is the living archive of the transparency paradigm and the model of rationality it relies on. Therefore, we can illuminate the critical dimension of this living archive with regard to the model of the well-informed controversy and the transparent pursuit of truth.

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A short history of online platform transparency

This post explores the genealogy of the discourse and practices of transparency of digital platforms, specifically social network services, during the 2010-2021 period. Discourses and practices of transparency include quantified reports (transparency reports, advertising libraries) and the accompanying textual production published by the GAFAM (Google, Facebook/Meta, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft).

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