Claiming Transparency: Scenographies of Critique on Social Media and Video Games Platforms

Une conférence-débat de Jan Teurlings (U. Amsterdam) et P.-Y. Hurel (ULiège), dans le cadre du cycle « Que veut (et que peut) encore l’éducation aux médias ? »

9 février 2022

Building Transparency by Handling Polyphony

How can polyphony be used to create an effect of transparency in media discourses, especially when communicating with a view to educating their audience about the media? This case study is about examining media scenographies, that’s to say — in a nutshell — how a media can stage an informational and communicative enterprise by, for instance, assigning enunciative positions among the different stakeholders (who could be journalists, experts, the public, witnesses).

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Unveiling the false, screenwriting the true. Transparency battle in the Early modern polemics (the example of the French Catholic League, 1585-1594)

During the Wars of Religion (16th and 17th centuries), various political or religious groups produced polemical texts. This post focus on the production of the zealous Catholics, whose texts use a large variety of argumentative strategies. Two of them are structured along the axis of transparency: a rhetoric of unveiling and a staging of the information.

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